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We're a growth-stage investor tailor-made for startups on a trajectory to IPO. Our vision is bold and our team is nimble, and we're backed by the might of a sophisticated global investor with $20B in assets under management* and 1900+ colleagues in 15 cities across the globe.

* Assets under management data represents gross-estimated AUM as of 1/01/24

Big Vision,

Mighty Execution

Answers not just ideas

Answers not just ideas

Data underpins everything we do. BAM Elevate’s dedicated data science and engineering team exists to support our portfolio companies and give them a competitive advantage. Learn how we put a multi million dollar research operation to work for our portfolio companies.

Expertise to go public

Expertise to go public

The lines between public and private investing may be blurring, but the know-how required to prepare for an IPO is still essential. We know the rules, regs, and the harder to define pieces that can prepare our companies for a successful listing.

Ecosystem that supports growth

Ecosystem that supports growth

The intimacy of a small team, the connectivity of a large institution: that is BAM Elevate. Our team is dedicated and nimble, but we’ve got the might of BAM’s entire platform to help source, complete diligence, and offer guidance and expertise to our portfolio companies.

Long-term perspective

Long-term perspective

There is a right and wrong way to invest in a portfolio company. The right way recognizes that while the vision may not change, the markets will. We apply the same buttoned-up thinking to our venture investments as we do with our public ones.

What You Finetune Matters (not just chatbots)
Apr 29, 2024
What You Finetune Matters (not just chatbots)
By Nickhil Nabar, Esther Shinn

Most enterprises should not spend time or money finetuning a chat model. Finetuning transformers for classification, NER, and embeddings can deliver higher ROI.

Bringing Our

Expertise to Bear

Investing during growth rounds across sectors and verticals not limited to AI, deep tech, enterprise, consumer, healthcare IT, and fintech.

Think big.

See it through.

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